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Exploring Yourself

Our Mission

The Earth is a marvel, isn't she? From the pristine valleys of the Swiss Alps to the enchanting, and majestic Taj Mahal, there's so much to see, but so little time to do so. Everything is within your grasp.

Every single trip is filled with ample of opportunities to explore the world and explore within. Different cultures, different people, different languages, different food, different appearance; each and everything lead to self-exploration.

Here, we at UNPLANNED gives you the right medium to explore. We bring out the best trip combinations for you to decide. We are here to help you in this journey. By providing you great service we are contributing towards sustainable travel culture.

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Excitement is the only synonym for Traveling!

Travelling is more than you can imagine

We all share one common interest, which is travelling. But the purpose of travelling is unique for each one of us. That makes travelling so beautiful! Do enjoy our blogs on travelling and get inspired to travel more.

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About Unplanned

‘Unplanned’ the word which we don’t want to be associated with the activities in our life unless this activity is travelling.

Unplanned trip means unknown adventures and life lasting memories. There are number of underrated places which have great potential as a tourist location. With a view of reviving our tradition and providing one stop travel solution we came up with unplanned. In our next phase, Unplanned will be the most unique and simple platform for travelling and exploring cities.

This startup journey is supported and incubated at SSIP. Unplanned is being developed as a strong travelling partner by the team of young minds full of enthusiasm and bold to take risks.

It’s the time that: ‘You wish, we plan’

Let’s dare to be unplanned.